Mata do przewijania Roboty
Mata do przewijania Roboty
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About us

Hello There ! We are Samiboo !

We created our brand in 2012 to follow our vision: offer to our youngest and their parents high quality products with extraordinary designs, made based on safe, certified components manufactured in fair conditions.

All of that become possible as we were able to combine best of being mid-size company - from one hand we are able to focus on all customer requirements and introduce new designs ideas very quickly from other we are able to support orders worldwide and scale production requirements.

Another advantage which become our market fingerprint is innovating design. We are focusing during product design on solving customer issues using latest available technologies and cost effective manufacturing. Best example is high performing footmuff, where we combined high performing weather resistant fabric (wind and waterproof) with adjustable size (from 0 to 36 months) & temperature comfort level decorated with our outstanding designs. On top all our products are designed exclusively for Samiboo and manufactured with love in Poland.


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